I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, to folks of the road-tripping persuasion. We had a succession of travel vehicles – the first a classic orange VW bus, the second, a mustard and brown camper van which somehow survived a trip all the way down Baja California and back. Our excursions stoked my appreciation for California's natural beauty, and the cultural neighborhoods within each city.

After my freshman year in college at Berkeley, I took a summer photography class on a whim and was hooked. In the subsequent years, I spent my free time in the campus darkroom, geeking out on the process. Realizing my obsession wasn't going away, I assisted various photographers and worked for a few companies doing in-house ecommerce photography before eventually going freelance.

When I'm not working, I'm usually hiking trails or neighborhoods, noticing people with amazing style, buying weird tropical fruits I haven't tried, or planning my next trip.


Selected clients:
Amazon, Bebe, Betabrand, Bob Cut Magazine, Charlotte Russe, Diablo Magazine, Hipcamp, Levi's, Minted, Napa Sonoma Magazine, The Sak, Trail Mavens, Walmart