Photo Journal - Virgil Abloh in Chicago

To be honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about Virgil Abloh - artistic director of LV Mens and founder of Off-White. But while researching an upcoming shoot inspired by Princess Diana street style, I came across images of his gorgeous Off-White collection inspired by Princess Di.

Little did I know I was only scratching the surface of his amazing body of work. Coincidentally, I saw that an exhibit of his work in Chicago was happening at same time I would be visiting! Not only that, but a stylist friend informed me that he also just opened a pop-up collab there with Nike called Nike Labs.

The exhibit at the MCA showed a broad range of his work, from his early days as an architecture student, to his DJ career, Nike design collabs, fashion designs, album designs and fine art. It was exciting to see the wit and whimsy imbued in everything this renaissance man touches.

Virgil’s custom designed DJ deck, with clear case.

Off-White 2018 Collection inspired by Princess Diana

Sneaker iterations

Early designs

Art projects and sneaker recycling at Nike Labs.  All sneakers collected go into the creation of a basketball court.

Loved this urban survivalist look at Nike Lab

Influences and education

Photo Journal - Paris

Paris! Finally made my first visit to the famed City of Light. Due to a stroke of luck, my visit coincided with a stylist friend’s and we were able to collaborate on a shoot with an amazing local team.
I ate LOTS of cheese, people watched, and explored a few neighborhoods. My apartment was located in the Sentier neighborhood, a former garment district turned Silicon Valley of Paris. I enjoyed its mix of hip restaurants, lively atmosphere and would definitely recommend as a place to stay for a more local vibe.

Friday evening in Rue Tiquetonne. Contrary to appearances this street is not closed off to traffic.

BTS of our Paris shoot.

A few images from our shoot -  Styling: Rachel Fawkes, Hair/Makeup: Ruben Masoliver, Model: Jeade Pasquier

Fell in love with the side streets of Montmartre. Recommend a visit to La Halle Saint-Pierre, a tucked-away bookstore/gallery/cafe.

Caught in the maze of Marché Dauphine - the collectibles section of the Paris Flea.

Scene from the Sentier neighborhood

Tablecloth order at Boullion Chartier.

Traditional french fare in a former train station! Boullion Chartier has not changed its style and is all the better for it.

Mona Lisa room at the Louvre

Sentier skyline