Photo Journal - Paris

Paris! Finally made my first visit to the famed City of Light. Due to a stroke of luck, my visit coincided with a stylist friend’s and we were able to collaborate on a shoot with an amazing local team.
I ate LOTS of cheese, people watched, and explored a few neighborhoods. My apartment was located in the Sentier neighborhood, a former garment district turned Silicon Valley of Paris. I enjoyed its mix of hip restaurants, lively atmosphere and would definitely recommend as a place to stay for a more local vibe.

Friday evening in Rue Tiquetonne. Contrary to appearances this street is not closed off to traffic.

BTS of our Paris shoot.

A few images from our shoot -  Styling: Rachel Fawkes, Hair/Makeup: Ruben Masoliver, Model: Jeade Pasquier

Fell in love with the side streets of Montmartre. Recommend a visit to La Halle Saint-Pierre, a tucked-away bookstore/gallery/cafe.

Caught in the maze of Marché Dauphine - the collectibles section of the Paris Flea.

Scene from the Sentier neighborhood

Tablecloth order at Boullion Chartier.

Traditional french fare in a former train station! Boullion Chartier has not changed its style and is all the better for it.

Mona Lisa room at the Louvre

Sentier skyline